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Canada - Wilderness Luxury Camp
4 night Authentic Wilderness Luxury Tented Experience on Lake Obabika, Canada


The remote and ultra private, luxury wilderness camp rests on the shores of a hidden lake, due north of Toronto. It’s rooted in the myth and traditions of Canada’s founding peoples, and for four incredible nights it will wrap you and your family or friends in splendid isolation.
You’ll eat… well, like the wilderness has rarely seen, as one of Toronto’s top chefs serves up a continuous feast of fine food, prepared and served outdoors in the freshest air on earth.
You’ll sleep like never before with eiderdown duvets and pillows on real beds, created by hand from reclaimed 250-year old white oak, inside luxury canvas tents with wood stoves, reindeer hide throw rugs, vintage trunks and walnut luggage racks.
You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with one of Canada’s most storied guides. As you do, you’ll learn about the past and the wild in a way that few of us have the privilege of doing. Alex Mathias is an Ojibwa elder, and his knowledge of the land, its people, and legends are unsurpassed. He is truly one of the last of his people to live as close to the traditional ways as is possible today.
At its core this retreat is a way for people to connect to nature in an elegant and simple way. Accessing true wilderness these days is more necessary than ever - and harder than ever. Our lives are inundated with media, hyper-connectivity and the noise and chaos of urban life. Silence and space are at a premium.
So let this unprecedented wilderness retreat immerse you and yours in what is truly one of the last, best places on earth.
Available in 4, 6 or 8 people package configurations. Bookings work on a first come first served basis - subject to availability at the time of booking. Season:  July, August & September. Valid for 2 years from date of purchase.
- Exclusive use of the entire luxury campsite
- Accommodation in luxury canvas tents, complete with wood stoves and authentic, comfortable interiors
- All meals and hors d'oeuvres, prepared by a highly skilled eco-gastronomy chef
- Limited Bar service (cocktails, etc) and all other non-alcoholic beverages
- Most area activities such as fishing, canoeing, hiking, etc
- Use of all on site leisure equipment and amenities
- Transport to and from the campsite. Available options and costs* are:
- Direct seaplane charter from Toronto Island Airport to camp & back - CAN$ 15,000 (8pax)
- Ground shuttle from Toronto to Temagami (5hrs) + seaplane charter from Temagami to campsite (15min) - CAN$ 3,800 (4-6pax) ; CAN$ 4,800 (8pax)
- Own transport to Temagami, then 15 min seaplane charter flight from Temagami to campsite - CAN$ 1000 (4-6pax) ; CAN$ 2000 (8pax)
* Subject to change
- Fine wines & Premium Spirits (extra charges apply )
- Specific requested guided services
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Canada Wilderness Luxury Camp

Canada Wilderness Luxury Camp

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